When I get the chance to work on a fun project, I DO IT. I've been busy with some great projects this year. Everything from debit card design and logo development to book and catalog design. Check them all out below.
I designed debit and credit cards while working at PNC nearly 10 years ago. Unlike previous cards I've designed, this one had a little twist. This card is made from plastic that was headed straight for the ocean. This unique substrate presented some manufacturing challenges as well as design challenges. Typically these are not design considerations when printing on virgin plastic materials that are far more stable and regulated. This card was introduced to the public earlier this year. I recently signed up for the Confidence account—just so I could get a sample card for myself.
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I've been doing the ESG reports at my day job for several years. They are both challenging and exciting to work on. Every year it's a clean slate for the design approach. This year we decided to use our corporate illustration style as the design anchor. It was a fresh way to look at the same basic information.
See the complete 2022 ESG Highlights Report
Recently a real estate developer and entrepreneur approached me to design his corporate identity. I jumped at the chance to work with the company and visually position them in the marketplace. Although they are currently a start-up, I wanted them to look like a well-established company in the Pittsburgh market.
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When a retired local pastor approached me with the desire to write a book and to enlist me to design and publish it, I was all-in without a lot of back-and-forth. I designed with cover based on his direction using a flag image and a photo of Lincolns face. The inside was designed so that between each story, a quote from that time period was used as a stylized page divider. Each story page used a photo and a few other repeating elements. The book is well over 150 pages. This was an opportunity to work in a space that I don't often get to. He's got another book in the works and that will require the cover to be an original illustration. More to come on that in 2024.
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I've had the opportunity to design these continuing education catalogs for the Mon Valley ICD (Institute for Career Development) for over a year now. Most things nowadays are not printed, these catalogs are still printed on a digital press. This program offers classes for USS union workers–everything from upholstery and guitar to home inspection and welding. It's a great benefit to the steel workers in the Clairton, Edgar Thompson and Irvin Works.
I had the opportunity to rebrand a start-up custom fabricator from the panhandle of West Virginia. PhillipsFab specializes in custom fabrication & welding in the automotive & powersports industry! They offer high quality tig & mig welding, design, and fabrication. Their custom work includes turbo kits, headers, cold air intakes, exhausts, coolant pipes, suspension, and traction bars. All custom work is scheduled and completed in house. Their production parts are for 2003 and up Dodge Cummins—from full 2nd gen swap kits to radiator pipes. They also sell each part in the kit individually. Check them out on social.
Ken Logsdon, designer, creative director