I've worked like a dog my entire career. And, all of the work I've done has been a labor of love. I actually love what I do. I've said many times, "I've had some horrible jobs but never had a job I didn't love". As strange as that sounds, it's true. That's because regardless of the employer or the boss, I've loved working on nearly every project. I still get excited to help companies market and promote their products and services. I still enjoy aligning my design to a great marketing strategy and then watch it get the intended response.

I have a full-time job, so I work at night and weekends on other interesting projects. If you don't mind working in the creative space after normal business hours, I just might be your guy.

My work flow is really simple. We meet, review the project, set expectations, then I go home and get to work. Not complicated (I'm very streamlined : ) After that initial in-person or virtual meeting, it's basically emails, revisions and finally, the finished project.

I've had some of my freelance accounts for many years. After the initial shock that I do this after hours and on the weekends, most people seem fine to work with me and those limitations.

Oh! And, for the paperwork, well we can figure that out as we go. I look for exciting projects to expand my skillset.
Ken Logsdon, designer, creative director