ALLISSA: A band and brand

ALLISSA is an up-and-coming rock artist from Pittsburgh, PA. Formerly a solo act, ALLISSA is now backed by the guitarist (Michael DeGruttola) and drummer (Ron Bender) from the retired touring rock band, Third From First. The cutting vocals of front-woman Allissa Logsdon, now paired with melodic-rock guitar tones and classic rock drum beats, gives ALLISSA a truly unique and unparalleled sound.

The haunting melodies and vulnerably dark lyrics work together to expose the story of a painful past and reveal a message of hope to come. Influenced by bands like Flyleaf, Evanescence and Paramore, ALLISSA’s pop influenced rock anthems are dramatic, edgy and authentic.

The band and the brand has evolved over the past several years. The brand originated with a more robust and thicker logo and the color scheme was red and black. After a few years and an official group of band members, the sound and direction of the band changed. Along with that was the logo evolving to a thinner, cleaner rendition as well as a color shift to a more melodic teal color. Much of the initial branding and merchandise was developed around the red and black color scheme. The website shown below reflects the color shift to teal.
Ken Logsdon, designer, creative director