The Journey: From Wilson to Cornerstone

When you volunteer to be part of an organization and they find out you're a graphic designer, they immediately need you to create things. The old brand was a well-intentioned, home-brew brand with a logo made with Corel Draw or MS Word. I felt the intense pressure to add value at my volunteer position and give this school a proper brand. Initially, it was for Wilson Christian Academy where I slowly but surely recreated nearly everything in the new brand including the website, signage, collateral and enrollment kits.

After several years of building this brand, the school merged with Cornerstone Christian Academy which had its own brand. The way forward was to evolve the Wilson brand into a Cornerstone brand that embraced and leveraged much of the work already done. With a few modification of logo elements and color, I was able to rebrand, maintaining much of the equity of the former brand.
Ken Logsdon, designer, creative director