A Legacy Continues

Black Feather Remodeling was started by an incredibly talented and skilled graduate of The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. After the introduction of computers into the design world a couple decades ago, he leaned into the skills of his father and grandfather and what was in his blood—finished carpentry. He was able to take his God-given artistic talent and apply that to the art of creating things out of wood, ceramic, and plaster. After years of creating spectacular kitchens, baths and full home builds, he decided to do it on his own terms—high quality craftsmanship, the way his forefathers taught him.

His catalyst was the desire to produce old-school craftsmanship and his love of nature and his Native American heritage. That gave me the building blocks for this brand platform. He wanted the branding to convey true quality the way it was done by his ancestors. And, he wanted it to strongly embrace the significance of the black feather in the Native American culture. The art of handwriting with a feather quill is nothing short of art, skill and craftsmanship. I brought it all together for a brand that truly reflects the art behind the build.
Ken Logsdon, designer, creative director